Monday 25 September 2017
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Shane Sellers

Shane Sellers was raised in the small town of Erath, Louisiana, where he discovered his passion for horses at the young age of 11. He received his jockey license when he was 16 and instantly became one of the leading thoroughbred riders in the country. Over the course of his 26 year career, Shane rode in 14 consecutive Kentucky Derbies, won over 4,000 races, and earned more than $122 million in purses. With an enormous trophy room to back up his accomplishments, Shane was clearly one of the best riders of our time.

Even more impressive than his riding accomplishments is Shane’s constant drive to improve the horse racing industry. Throughout his career, Shane fought for his fellow jockeys and strived to make the sport the best it could be. He fought to increase jockey weight limits, to improve jockey insurance policies, and to allow jockeys to wear endorsements. Most of these battles ended with a victory for Shane and the rest of the industry, but his new book could prove to be his most important battle yet.

When Shane is not fighting for better jockey rights, he enjoys breeding and training horses at SJS Farms, his establishment that is located in Coteau, Louisiana. He also loves spending time with his wife Kelli and their three beautiful children. Shane is a family man, through and through, and he is thrilled that he can finally share his complete story with his family and the world.

You can learn more about Shane Sellers here at his official MySpace page.


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