Monday 25 September 2017
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Interview with Fred Aime, Jockey Agent

Interviewed by Sheryl Maloney on January 25, 2008

Fred Aime is one of the nation’s leading agents who previously worked for infamous jockeys like Pat Day. After a brief hiatus from his career, Aime came back and worked as Shane Sellers’ agent right through the end of Sellers’ career.

Sheryl:            How did you Shane meet and start working together?

Fred:               I was a jockey agent; we were always competitive. I was working for Pat Day. Things were always nice, but always business wise. I retired from Pat Day in ‘95, and after seven years decided to get back and get into the agent business. I ran into Shane. He was looking to get back into riding and I was looking for a jockey to represent. With his ability as a rider and my name as an agent, we decided to get together. I knew he was a quality rider, so it seemed like the right fit for both of us.


Sheryl:            How did you feel when Shane said he wasn’t going to ride anymore?

Fred:               It was mixed feelings. Nothing lasts forever in this business. I’ve had 50 to 75 riders in the time I was an agent. Ability-wise, he was the best I ever worked for. One of the best three I ever worked with. I have worked with other greats like Pat Day and Randy Ramero. You always hate to see a quality rider walk away because it’s pleasure to watch them race.

Sheryl:            As a rider, was Shane good to work with?

Fred:               When you’re with someone seven days a week, starting in the morning, there’s always the occasional difference in opinions. We respected each others’ ability. Shane knew I would get him on good horses and I knew Shane could ride them well.

Sheryl:            What do you think would have happened to Shane’s career had he not stopped riding?

Fred:               He would have gone on to bigger and better things. The best owners and best racetracks around the world were wanting him.  When he hurt his knee, things changed. Inside of him he didn’t want to walk away from the business. He fought and worked hard, but there came a time when he had to quit. He never wanted to quit.

Sheryl:            What did you think of the things Shane fought for such as endorsements, weights, and insurance?

Fred:               I didn’t exactly agree with everything that Shane was wanting. Understand we were looking from different aspects. I was a jockey agent, so if you tell me you don’t want to ride, you don’t want to ride. I didn’t really have much to do with what the fights were about. But Shane was a fighter of all crusades; he always stood up for what he believed in, right or wrong.


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