Monday 25 September 2017
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Shane and Tricia want Freedom’s Rein to be as well-rounded as possible, so interviews played a large role in the making of the book. Tricia contacted dozens of people and had different levels of success with each person. Some people simply didn’t want to get involved, but that is just fine. Those who were kind enough to partake in an interview will give you much greater insight into Shane’s story and the events that he has lived through.

Now without further ado, please click on the following links to read interviews from newest to oldest with the people who are ready and willing to help make a real change happen.

Interview with Jody Culmone Harvey, Daughter of the Late, Great Jockey Joseph Culmone

Interview with Rick Konwinski, Horse Owner

Interview with Cindy Medina, Former Jockey and Guild Rep

Interview with Nelson Medina, Former Jockey and Guild Rep

Interview with Kenny Desormeaux, Horse Owner

Interview with Chris Rosier, Thoroughbred Jockey

Interview with Jose Martinez, Thoroughbred Jockey

Interview with Gilda Libero, New York Racing Associate

Interview with Fred Aime, Jockey Agent

Interview with Ken Patin, Jockey and Valet

Interview with Jean Cruguet, Triple Crown Winner

Interview with Tricia Psarreas, Co-Writer

Interview with Shane Sellers, Co-Writer


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